My Dear Teachers,
You are the sculptors of civilization, for you, with your immense, yet mostly unrecognized, dedication and hard work, nurture minds and souls of generations.
Being a teacher does not come easy. It’s not a profession; it’s a ‘choice’ to create a better world. An affectionate heart, a vigil mind, and a strong adherence to the commitment to purpose is what sets us apart.
And as we offer homage to Dr. Radhakrishnan on this auspicious day to celebrate teachers, I shall not wish you a “Happy Teachers Day’. The ‘happy’ in ’Happy Teachers Day’ is not something that can be wished or offered. It ought to be discovered and created.
The indelible impression that a teacher leaves in the mind and heart of students, instilling life lessons, and feeling contended with the amazing capacity they have, is the ’happy’ in the Teachers Day.
The utter joy of completion of an assigned task, and that glint of gratitude in a student’s eyes is the ’happy’ in Teachers Day.
The realization, whether celebrated or not, you are the front line warriors in keeping alive the education system during pandemic times, and revolutionizing it each day thereafter, is the ’happy’ in Teachers Day.
This happiness is self created and comes from the sense of commitment.
Our life is defined by the choices we make and in a world full of convenient ways, ‘convenience’ not a choice, for it comes easy and to all. Commitment, integration and alignment to the shared ideals of the institution come by choice and the fulfillment in making these rightful choices is the ’happy’ in the Teachers Day. Being respected and not merely tolerated is the ’happy’ in Teachers Day. Earning that respect is happiness!
Dear teachers, the power of ‘you’ is boundless. The stage awaits you to write your story of ‘Happy Teachers’ Day’ in wet eyes and broad smiles.
And as we commemorate the outstanding services of teachers in awe and gratitude, our heartiest tribute goes to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam who has earned every ounce of our humble respect for his unparalleled contribution in emancipating the minds of students. Let us seek blessings from the divine to guide us tread the footsteps of the revered souls.

Dr . G Thangadurai